United Abominations 2030 LGBTPIZ Transgender Agenda

There is no such thing as “homophobia”, nor is there any such thing as “transphobia.” It’s just a deviant trying to convince you there is something wrong with you, when the real problem lies in them.
-Julie Mitchell

Brace yourself, 12 years is not far off. Think about that and all that has to happen between now and the 2030 agenda goals. I feel it now with most of those in my immediate family who don’t want to hear ANYTHING spoken negatively about LGBT and transgender agenda. If I say anything at all I get virulent opposition and condemnation and this is just the beginning. Brace yourself, this is the fight we’ve been told is coming, this, the Sunday law, mark of the beast… All of it. A stiff wind is beginning to blow.
-Kim Sand

How about equality for poor in the world, how about elite distributes their stolen wealth from ordinary people and share it with those that don’t have nothing to eat or wear? I doubt that they will push that agenda.

They are doing this to protect themselves because Hollywood has lied over all these years, politicians have lied over all these years, musicians and other idols we thought were men and women for more than a century are trannies and have lied to the public all these years about their gender and they did it purposely! They can never change the damage they have done on purpose to screw up our perception of sexuality, having men and women lust over the same sex without knowing it, YOU SICK FUCKS!!! They knew EXACTLY WHAT THEY WERE DOING and now they’re scared because people are waking up to their lies! Regular people, once we are all awake will get rid of these lying freaks! Fuck you Emma Watson you fucking liar, you’re a man! So is Anne Hathaway and the rest of them!
-John Amato

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