UK 2020 LGBT ‘No Outsiders’ Compulsory Eduation – Smashing Heteronormativity In British Primary Schools

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Elly Barnes has been awarded an honorary Doctorate and an MBE for services to “LGBT equality”. But are her methods sound? Have we as a society agreed that we want heteronormativity (that it is normal to be heterosexual and identify with our biological sex) to be smashed? Radically alter our society and culture to stop some bullying? Or is it a sledge hammer to crack a nut?

Educate and Celebrate are the LGBT providers of Anderton Park primary school in Birmingham where the parents have been banned from protesting. Hopefully this short video will give an insight into why they are not going to give up until the LGBT propaganda is removed from their children’s school. PLEASE SUPPORT THEM BY SHARING THIS VIDEO



Find out what the Birmingham and other parents are actually protesting about.

Ask if your school engages with the following optional LGBT promotion programs:

Challenging Homophobia in Primary Schools
No Outsiders
Educate and Celebrate
Pride Youth Network
Gendered Intelligence
Stonewall’s Education Champions
Schools Out
LGBT History Month (February)
Pride Month (June)
Schools Diversity Week (July)
Drag Queen Story Time UK

(If you know of any others please leave a comment)

As a parent you are well within your right to voice an objection. Try to get other parents on side about it so they can’t ignore you. It’s not being homophobic to say this material is not age appropriate. Give them a link to this video.

The 2020 “Statutory guidance on Relationships education, relationships and sex education (RSE) and health education”

Does NOT require using simplistic picture books about LGBT issues.

Does NOT require positive messaging about abandoning biological sex.

Does NOT require mention of homosexual love other than “some families might have same sex parents” and not until late primary.

Does NOT require any of the books described in this video.

Does NOT require use of LGBT promotion organisations Does NOT require any sex education in primary schools.

Does NOT stop parents right to withdraw their child from all sex education.

Don’t let your child’s school tell you otherwise.




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