There are no Forests on Flat Earth

Let me start off by saying this video is a mind blower! Once you “see” you can never “unsee”. It’s that powerful. I will put a link for it at the end of this article.#

So let me summarize for you since the guy who made it has a strong accent and so his English isn’t very clear. You might have to watch it a few times to pick up on everything. So I will give you the cliff notes here…


“Cliff” notes….takes on a whole new meaning! Ha! Cliff’s are formed by these massive earth machines! But hold on, I’m jumping ahead.

Now this information will mess with your PERCEPTION of the world. He gives us an example of a tree stump in grass. He tells you it is actually a rock formed from magma pushing up out of the ground. You listen. You laugh.

But you won’t be laughing by the end of his video.


He explains how some of the smaller Giant trees were cut down by loggers as evidenced in California. Some were left alive and these are on display in Redwoods National Park. Why did they leave some of these smaller ones alive? Because when we think of stories about Giant trees of old, they want us to think of THESE trees. Trees that are only 100 feet tall. They don’t want us to think of Giant trees as they really were- miles tall.

General Sherman, the largest living tree….. a baby compared to the trees of old.

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