The Volcano Hoax

I think one of the main things that stops people ‘waking up’ to all this hoax crap is just the embarrassment factor, just the ego factor. The shame of having been ‘punked’ by all this <fake ‘global’ shit.>

There is a certain element of shame when someone points out to you that all this ‘global’ nonsense is just a bad joke. There is a sense of shame at having been punked about all of this ‘global’ stuff. That holds a lot of people back from accepting they have been punked and I think that’s really sad.

If you’re someone who ‘believes’ in ‘volcanoes’ then just consider the fact that there’s not really any shame in having been punked by people who were so dedicated and so well-resourced to hoax stuff on this ‘global’ scale.

No one could have seen that coming, necessarily. So, get over feeling bad about being played for a twat because we all got punked about various things to different extents. You know we all ‘believed’ in this sort of ‘global’, sphere-planet-earth based model to some extent, you know everyone’s been punked and it’s painful to the ego to wake-up and have to acknowledge it. No more so than someone like me who went and trained as a ‘scientist’ and studied this false ‘physics’ model to quite a large extent so it was even more humiliating if you spent more time going deeper into the subject and you didn’t figure out it was absolute ‘bollocks’ until a bit later on.

I say give yourself a break because none of us expected there to be such massive twats in this world who would go to the lengths of punking us over this stuff. Instead of feeling shame for being punked, you could look at it like you were just a good person who wanted to ascribe reasonably good intentions to the people who were teaching us stuff and you wanted to believe that people were generally honest and generally well-intention when actually they were complete cunts.

Maybe it’s just a reflection of the fact that you are well intention and honest but just expected that from teachers, from the news-media, the culture and so on. It wasn’t too much to expect it’s just that the ‘authorities’ are massive twats, off the scale.

So, I say, don’t give yourself a hard time. Once you see the whole fabricated ‘world stage’ is hoaxed you can’t UN-see it. It all just looks like the cheap inverted dog’s-dick that it is and you can’t really believe in it again.

So just go easy on yourself, you’ve seen it now. – Aaron Dover

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