Still Not Nazis

Let’s see, who has been in the lead in attacking Trump? Schiff, Nadler, Schumer, Feinstein, Weissmann, Sondland, Vordman, Bolton and about half of Schiff’s other witnesses – all Jews. It’s a Jewish coup. Who is pushing for unlimited immigration? Jews like Soros. Who owns and runs the Bolshevik news media? Jews. Who are the majority of the nation’s central bankers with a license to print money? Jews. Who is spending their billions to disarm the public? Jews like Bloomberg. Who is making a rush for the presidency? The Jews Sanders, Bloomberg, Steyer, Buttigieg, Klobushar, Williamson. All power-hungry Jewish supremacists.

Who were the leadership of the Bolsheviks that murdered 50 million unarmed Soviet Christian civilians? The Bolshevik leadership was 70% Jews. The Cheka and NKVD were 80% Jewish. The Gulags were run by Jews. The people who financed the Bolsheviks were the Jews Max Warburg and Jacob Schiff. Who runs the porn industry? Jews. What was Marx? A Jew. Who are the creators of the Frankfurt school and cultural Marxism? They were all Jews and they imported their sick American hating, family hating, white hating, degeneracy pushing ideology into our universities.

Who has hundreds of Jewish organizations to push for Jewish advantage in everything? Yes, that’s right. Who screams white supremacism if white people try to create the same kinds of institutions? Jews. Who is creating a racist ethnostate in Israel while at the same time forcing “diversity” on the rest of the Western World? Jews. Who is advocating limited reproduction for the sake of the environment in the west where women only have 1.6 children per woman on average? Jews. In the meantime, Israeli women have 3.1 children per woman. The Jews tell the gentiles to do one thing and practice the opposite themselves.



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