One Screen To Rule Them All – Documentary

(SMHP can’t verify these numbers since the total population may be much less than what is estimated online) Take with a grain of salt!
There are 5.11 billion unique mobile users in the world today, up 100 million (2 percent) in the past year. There are 4.39 billion internet users in 2019, an increase of 366 million (9 percent) versus January 2018. There are 3.48 billion social media users in 2019, with the worldwide total growing by 288 million (9 percent) since this time last year.

3.26 billion people use social media on mobile devices in January 2019, with a growth of 297 million new users representing a year-on-year increase of more than 10 percent. On average, people have 7.6 social media accounts.The average daily time spent on social is 142 minutes a day. 91% of retail brands use 2 or more social media channels.

81% of all small and medium businesses use some kind of social platform. Social media users grew by 328 million between October 2018 and October 2019. That works out at 10 new social media users per second. Facebook Messenger and Whatsapp handle 60 billion messages a day. When asked 81% of teenagers felt social media has a positive effect on their lives.

Estimates suggest that in 2019 U.S. adults spent an average of three hours and 35 minutes watching TV each day. Video gamers spend an average of 7.1 1 hours (seven hours, seven minutes) each week playing games. This is an increase of 19.3 percent in the last year. 34.0 percent play more than 7 hours each week, with 19.6 percent playing more than 12 hours a week.

This video is an edited version of the 2 hour documentary that can be found here:

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