New Zealand Christchurch Mosque Fake Shooting Hoax

So we have another fake terror event on our hands and the supposed shooting that took place in the New Zealand Christchurch Mosque is just as laughably fake as the rest of them.

Please watch the following footage and notice that as with all fake shootings, we have no bullet wounds on the 40+ injured, no bullet damage inside the building and many other anomalies that will be covered below.

We can see the gunman walking in and out of the hall room multiple times repeatedly shooting at the pile of people to the left and right, but instead of seeing flesh wounds, hearing bullets ricochet or the horror and screams, we see a gun shooting blowing the victims clothes with air and zero evidence of any physical damage being caused by the gun.

This next bit of footage captured from the supposed livestream should be raising massive red flags for anyone! We can literally see bullet cartridges disappearing in mid-air, this is because they have been added using CGI effects which means this was pre-recorded footage with SFX added later

I don’t know about you, but if I heard gunshots where people are screaming and running for their lives, I’d be running straight to the first exit that is clearly available in the video.

Can someone please explain why the man in the blue jacket, 0.07 seconds into the video is sitting up, then proceeds to lay down twitching his legs at 0.20 seconds only to get up and walk away 0.76 seconds into the video? People come on, a child could see through this nonsense.

Could you even begin to imagine the horror, fear and terror in witnessing your friends and family being brutally murdered before your very eyes? For most of the video we hear nothing but a few whimpers and nothing that comes even close to what you would expect to see of a massacre.

This man is covered in watery red stains and although it is not 100% proof of fake blood, it is pretty funny that the man next to him is carrying a bottled filled with a watery red liquid.

The most annoying part of these terror hoaxes are the people who blindly believe them without any critical thought. You see what ‘they’ like to do is briefly show you the footage of the fakery, then move straight to who did it, witnesses, families and all the pre-scripted news to follow. This brings up an important, commonly asked question when the official narrative is questioned “If it’s all fake, how can so many people be involved?”

If you’re a useful treasonous idiot or part of some Freemasonic cult, this traitorous behaviour can easily be fulfilled. For useful idiots, one way is to pay off all debts, mortgages, wipe criminal records or even use criminals under non-disclosure agreements. If you couldn’t pay your bills, had lots of debt and at risk of losing your home and suddenly were presented with a way out with a crap tonne of cash, do you think there are people in the world today that would accept such an offer?

So, you lie to everyone in your country on national TV, even pretending to bury relatives, would you open your mouth and tell the world what a lying piece of shit you are? We know the above mentioned took place at the Sandy Hoax shooting and the gay Pulse Nightclub shooting hoax.

If you are part of a Masonic cult then check out the Westminster Bridge attack hoax and be shocked at just how far the corruption has spread.

I would like to answer the question of “why are they doing this?” do this for first time readers of this blog. The answer is simple, de-arm all people in countries where gun ownership is legal to make them powerless and unable to purchase powerful protection in the future. This is achieved by staging fake terror events on a regular basis to give justification for new gun control regulations and anti-terror laws.

These so-called laws focus on censorship of the internet and our freedom of speech. Anti cyber-bullying, thought policing and basically just giving more power to the ever encroching one world government.

All of the fake bullshit we have been shown over the years will be used to continue consolidating power, unify nations and get the citizens to rally behind their corrupted rulers who are working hard to decieve and enslave them. I believe the ultimate aim is to shift the balance of power by force in the end, giving their ever-growing militarised police presence as much weaponry as possible, growing them in numbers whilst leaving the people with nothing but sticks to defend themselves when the time comes.

Now is it just me or does the shooters face look very strange compared to his body?

They will not stop! There will be more fake stabbings, shootings, bombings and terror as long as the people keep falling for it until one day…

New Zealand, don’t fall for this garbage. Your government intends to take away your guns whilst increasing their own supply, deploying more militarised police and more “security” in exchange for your freedom. DO NOT COMPLY WITH THE NEW WORLD ORDER AGENDA!


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