New World 2020 – Full Documentary


IMPORTANT PLEASE READ – Hello everyone, I have to announce that this might be my last video, simply because I cannot continue financially and it is unfortunate, because I really liked creating content, but it seems I cannot get the support that I need in order to further continue with my projects. YouTube kicked me out long ago from their monetization program. Those who did support me throughout that time I thank the Lord for you, I really do, it became my responsibility to do more. However, If possible I will try to maintain my website with whatever funding I have. I do understand and feel compassion for those who cannot support me because they struggle themselves like me, but those who can, please consider lending me a hand, at this point and time I am living with having below minimum wage. And i`m trying to be as transparent as possible with you all the time, but I guess it is what it is.

Perhaps other plans are awaiting for me, one can only imagine, it’s just that I hoped to further expose all the lies which surround us in everyday life and I felt that my mission is far from over with what I have to show. It may sound silly and inappropriate to say this but i’ll wait just a little bit more in case the situation changes. Maybe my fellow followers and truthers will help me out with funding, just please understand that i’m not trying to force any of you. What I’m trying to say here is that i’m sorry it has to be this way, I wish there was some other way never involving ‘debt paper’ (money), but I can’t change the system.

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Tape Speaker: Dr. Lawrence Dunegan Full Documentary On The Upcoming Changes in 21st Century

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