Manchester Bombing Hoax 22/5

They always leave their imprint with numbers, watch to find out what number connects the dots and proves this is a hoax.

Police have simulated suicide bombing at Manchester’s Trafford Centre in a major anti-terror exercise involving hundreds of actors.

This little gem was brought to my attention by someone that lives close to the arena who’s video I can no longer find, but in which he points out that the Manchester Police posted a tweet about the event several hours before it happened. Many of the comments for that video suggested that the chap had got his time set wrong (!) So just to reiterate his observation, here’s a clip from BBC news announcing that same tweet… Posted 7 HOURS before the event!





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  1. Anonymous

    Theresa May said in her speech concerning the Manchester bombing ‘At ten thirty three last night police were called ……’ i.e. at 22.33 Both 22 and 33 are Masonice numbers

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