Luke Maguire – My Childs Vaccine Reaction

My child’s vaccine reaction.

This is my baby boy Bobby born 22/1/16. 4 months later our world changed for the worst, Bobby had his vaccines at 4 months and instantly got poorly with a temperature of 44 then full body twitches followed. From the injection site he was not the same baby. Within 3 weeks he started having seizures! 1 day we woke at 4 in the morning to see our little boy blue in the face struggling to breath and having multiple seizures, it scared the life out of me. That day he had 9 and from that date he didn’t stop. 14 in a day, 6 in his sleep. He would just wake and go into 1 without warning from the minute he started having them I knew it was the vaccines.

Then the cover up started, doctor’s health visitors, nurses, children services and they all worked very hard to cover it up. I was working hard to prove that they tried to take my child because they said I was putting him at risk by researching about vaccines. It was stressing me out and making Bobby poorly, they were willing to destroy a young family just to cover up their nasty vaccines. People need to do something because they are hurting our baby’s, they have no right, no right at all! They don’t vaccinate their own children, the fact they would push them on our children shows how evil they are. Please share to as many people as possible to get the word out and help me get my son back. Any advice would help!

Thank you, I just want my son back

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