Lucifer – The Divine Androgyne Ancient God Of The Modern Transgender Movement

Please note that I do not agree with any religion. There is good information here, so please read between the lines.

by Steve Barwick

Deuteronomy22:5–The woman shall not wear that which pertaineth unto a man, neither shall a man put on a woman’s garment: for all that do so areabomination unto the LORD thy God.

Christians have been astonished over the last couple of years that the so-called “transgender” movement has so rapidly become such a big part of the global gay (aka “LGBTQ”) agenda. But transgenderism is nothing new, as you’re about to see. In fact, it’s quite ancient. It’s actually a religious practice that goes all of the way back to the old pagan mystery religions. And as you’ll see in this study, there’s a reasonit’sbeing pushed with such fanfare into the public arena at this precise point in time, in this final generation of these end days.



Ultimately, transgenderism is part and parcel of Lucifer’s agenda to corrupt and debauch God’s children through the merging of opposites so that at Christ’s second advent, none of them are found fit for God’s eternal family household. Satan knows he can’t defeat God. So his only way of hurting God is corrupt as many of God’s children as he can, and take them to hell with him.

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