LGBTPIZ – There Is No Such Thing As The Slippery Slope

Parental Rights Infringed, Crushing Freedom of Expression/Religion/Association, Outrage Culture, Discriminatory Anti-Discrimination, Gender Bending, Queering Culture, Polygamy, Pro-Pedophilia Activism, Guilt Tactics, STI’s and Physical Harm, Science Denial and Misinformation all in the name of EQUALITY … but there is no such thing as the slippery slope right?!


Other Sources: opening sequence by Skywriting Dingo, Judith Butler, Gary Dowsett, Duerst the Wurst, Jenny Walsh, Debbie Ollis, ABC educational programming + numerous news outlets

Duerst the Wurst @ Drag Storytime

Debbie Ollis –

Jenny Walsh –

Gary Dowsett –

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