Freemason Chris Hadfield – Ground Control to MAJOR FRAUD!

This is an improvised, humorous exercise in preparation for a book that focus on how space/NASA skeptics and space believers diverge in their thinking. I incorporate the persona of a space skeptic reacting to Chris Hadfield’s TED talk and a couple of his most biting music videos. We start in an analytical mode and move soon into satire and ridicule, inspired by Chris Hadfield’s singing, which some argue has the power to cure constipation.


If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a liar. Especially one that willingly chooses to deceive all mankind while specifically targeting children and teenagers. Chris Hadfield ranks right up there with the others and very soon the lies they’ve told will catch up to them.


To the average person, there appears to be a growing number of people who believe — somehow — that the world is actually flat and that we are all being “lied” to by world governments. Canadian astronaut Chris Hadfield has actually been to space and has seen that the world is round, but is unphased by these so-called “flat-earthers.”

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  1. Ricktus Ficktus

    Hey sadly if the Price is Right 99.99% of people do have a price point. Mine would be an Island in the Tropics , $50M in a Swiss Account , Lear Jet , 100′ Bayliner , a bus load of Bunnies , some diving gear and a 200,000 sq feet Villa.

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