Brave New World Short

From the experiment conducted on September 11 2017 in Chennai, India (Tamil Nadu) it is conclusive that electricity can be harvested from the atmosphere (aether or prana) without the requirement of any electromotive force such as a battery or dynamo and in fact has been all along from transmission wires, ‘5G’ transmission towers, sky-scrapers, cable-cars, Ferris-wheels, flagpoles and other tall structures prominently featuring electrically conductive materials raised up high in the air.

Light is by definition electromagnetism and magnetism is an electrical effect. Convergence goes with divergence as discern goes with concern and Generation Oscillates Disintegration.

Generation +
Disintegration –

GOD is Generation and Disintegration of that one life-force that energy that Oscillates between the two extremities.

Thank GOD for Aaron Dover.


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