10 Good Reasons to Cancel Your TV Licence

The BBC has had it too good for too long. One of the major problems posed by the BBC is their lack of accountability to the very people who pay their wages — us. The BBC is never far away from controversy but nothing ever seems to change and no one in their corporation ever seems to be worser off as a result of their wrongdoing. Imagine for a moment that it was a completely different media company we were talking about, and not the BBC. For argument’s sake, let’s say it was ITV or Sky. What would happen is that the viewers would refuse to watch that TV station any longer and/or they would cancel their subscriptions. And if enough people did this, the company would go bankrupt very quickly.

That’s because these company’s are directly accountable to their viewers who pay their wages via subscriptions or from watching the adverts. However, the BBC does not afford us this luxury to the people who fund them. It doesn’t matter how many people stop watching BBC programmes because the BBC will continue to receive £3.4 billion a year from our pockets. Therefore the BBC has no financial impetus to even want to change what they do. Even if a million people suddenly stopped watching the BBC, it wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference to the BBC’s annual turnover, which means that they can continue to anger people as much as they want without any fear of redundancies, pay cuts or the company going bust through lack of consumer confidence in their products. Therefore we only have one real option available to us and that’s to cancel our TV Licence.

Make no mistake — the BBC will NOT like this video. It is high time that the BBC stood on it’s own feet instead of extorting £150 annually from every household in the UK. In this video we discuss some of the reasons why the BBC’s TV Licensing must be abolished. The BBC would have you believe that TV Licence “evasion” is extremely low, and that 97% of us watch TV as it is being broadcast over the airwaves. Of course, this is typical BBC propaganda. The reality is that an unprecedented number of people are refusing to buy a TV Licence – simply because they don’t need one. We are moving into an age where people no longer feel the need to watch TV as it is being broadcast.

The days when families would all gather around the TV every night are long gone Catch-up TV is fast becoming the norm and the BBC clearly don’t like it because a TV License is not required for watching catch-up TV on the internet. The consequence for the BBC is that their TV Licensing business model — IE: extorting money from UK households — is unsustainable in the 21st century. The whole thing has already become untenable and it is only a matter of time before the BBC comes crashing down due to the sheer number of people who no longer need a TV Licence. The BBC is a profit-making corporation masquerading as an essential public service in order to obtain funds from the public purse. Long gone are the days when the BBC was a necessity for providing information, education and entertainment. The BBC seems to think it is still 1954.

However the BBC is not as important today as it likes to think it is. There are now a multitude of ways to get information, education and entertainment in the home — including YouTube, Netflix, games consoles, and more TV and radio channels than you can shake a stick at. The BBC has become irrelevant and unnecessary in this day and age. The only way it can possibly continue in the 21st century is to abolish the TV Licence and fund itself through subscription, sales and advertising revenue. The BBC already makes around £2 billion a year from selling content worldwide so they’re well used to operating in the commercial arena. Until the BBC finally grows up, it will continue to operate as an extortion racket whilst wasting our money on lavish lifestyles, paedophile entertainers, executive pay-offs, and gagging orders for ex-employees.

I am not a fan of any mainstream media, but at least other media companies, like Sky and ITV, have to survive in the real world – they have to raise their own funds in the marketplace, they are accountable when they get things wrong, and in times of recession they have to make cut-backs and downsize. Whereas the BBC survives on money extorted from the public, so it has no accountability whatsoever, plus their corporation is recession-proof because they continue to get the same amount of money regardless of the state of the economy. In short, the BBC, in its current form, has had its day. The only way they can salvage any public trust or respectability is to grow up and stand on its own feet for once in its life. Maybe then we’ll see an end to their arrogance, snobbery and blatant disregard for public opinion. Or maybe not, but at least we won’t have to pay for it!

Source: https://www.youtube.com/user/BanTheBBC/videos

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