Another Fake London Bridge Terror Attack Hoax – 29/11/2019

Here we go again! At this point you have to wonder if they are trying anymore. Even my friends have noticed that this nonsense didn’t look right. From the guys flopping around on the floor to the seemingly unbothered witnesses standing around, whatever happened here was anything, but a terror attack. We have all the markers of another government run psyop, so watch the video above with an open mind and observe the comedy that unfolded on 29th November 2019 above.

We had another hoax similar to this during the last election, thankfully people I talk to are more receptive these days to the bullshit. I know we are all busy trying to make ends meet and that makes it hard to go through life with critical thought, but the longer we let this slide the more power they will have over us to bring about more police state measures.

This post will be updated soon.


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