3/22 London Westminster Bridge Terror Hoax

This time I focus on the bizarre anomalies that occurred in Westminster on 22/3/17. Some of the characters seen on that day bare a remarkable likeness to other characters seen on that day and the days and events that followed. So much so in fact, they could even be the same person wearing a cunning disguise.

Nowadays though we must remember that a cunning disguise could be something physical like makeup, a fake beard, a realistic fake nose, a change of clothing, an official uniform, a wig or a change of company. A disguise could also be non-physical provided by modern technology and come in the form of a manipulated photograph created in Photoshop where a person’s looks, even race can be altered, elements can be added or erased to hide or reveal stuff. Simply cropping a photo to only show what you want to show can be very effective as well as an image mirrored, an image with the contrast or colours altered, different set lighting.

I know because this was and still is one of my favourite hobbies, so I have a good eye for not only photography but for spotting when a photo has been manipulated because I’ve spent hours trying to hide my own editing. The difference being, that I did it for fun, entertainment and amusement. Because the things I made were purely fantasy it was a given that they weren’t real. It was just spotting how it had been done and where the lines were that was difficult, hopefully. The photos and video footage manipulated by the media and whoever else, have been done to cover up crimes or justify future crimes.

They are dishonest and dishonourable and it is my pleasure to expose them. As ever, it is for you to decide what you believe and what you think is a lie. As long as you are unbiased in your analysis of the evidence and have considered all the relevant information, who is to say that you’re wrong? I’m just reporting my findings and pointing out the things I think are noteworthy. I have nothing to gain from lying to you. I have nothing to gain from casting doubt on the trustworthiness of my country’s government, my countries police force or other emergency services.

I have nothing to gain for casting doubt on my countries intelligence agencies, my countries media sources, my countries foreign policies or my countries armed forces. In fact, I wish I could be proud of my country and be as patriotic as I was growing up but I’m not. I’m ashamed. I’m ashamed that these things are happening in my country and in my name in other countries. That’s why I consider these acts treason and the perpetrators, well, traitors. Fear not though citizens, cos I have trawled through the mountains of information and filtered out all that is irrelevant and insignificant garbage and I am presenting you with just the good stuff in video format.

Please note that I am only showing you what the media has shown us. I have not altered or doctored any of the video or photographic evidence I present to you in my videos, except for some brightness/contrast editing to improve the visibility of the images that have been made purposefully poor by those who do not wish for you to see clearly what is going on in them. All of the photos and videos can be checked for authenticity if you have the time. Please feel free to screenshot and crop any images in my videos and use the excellent reverse image search engine https://tineye.com/ to check the photos and of course our very own https://www.youtube.com is where I found 99% of the videos I have used.

If you do not have the time you can leave me a comment asking me about any piece of information in my videos. You can leave a comment in fact, asking me any questions at all that you have if you wish. Please do. All the photos and videos used are available to the public online and are borrowed most gratefully from the many reputable media companies of the world and as such, any and all of the copyrighted material shall remain the property of its rightful owner/s. I would like to thank any person/s that this concerns very much for the use of said materials and thank them for sharing it with us, the public.

All the music used is from the excellent royalty free music website http://incompetech.com/music/royalty-… It is an awesome site and has helped me out tremendously after the issues I faced using music by established artists. I even think it sounds better now, so a big thank you to them. This video has been made for educational purposes only and as such I in no way seek or will ever seek to make a financial gain from its production. My reward is sharing the knowledge and opening minds.

Stay Safe and Good Luck.

Source: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCtmB5CDR7rOrLMzYwVUdQ9w/videos

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