Wayki Wayki – Flat Earth And Other Lands

Another Flat Earth presentation by Wayki Wayki bringing up some pretty thought provoking ideas on where all the plane/t’s endless sums of money may be going and how it could tie into Flat Earth. If you have not heard of any ‘other land’s’ theories then check out this short video.



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One Response to Wayki Wayki – Flat Earth And Other Lands

  1. bobby90247 says:

    Oh well…!!! As you say, it’s simply his opinion and nothing more should be read into it! In today’s World, “we” CAN share our opinions and hopefully “move-on” with a little more awareness as to “What?” other’s are thinking whether that “thinking” is right or wrong.
    Over time, I’m sure his opinion Will change just as yours and mine Will also change.

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