Virginia Shooting Hoax – Crisis Actors Exposed

Virginia Journalist False Flag Hoax Shooting Hits An All Time Low; SERIOUS FAKERY!!!
Whatever is on the controlled US state-run news, let it be known that the AmeriKan populous is purposely designed to be witness of the event.

Words can’t describe how bad of a hoax the Virginia Shooting was. A guy walks up within feet of the woman he supposedly kills and stands there for over 20 seconds pointing a pistol and a camera at her …and she doesn’t even notice him?
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Absolute Proof Virginia TV Anchor Shooting is a Hoax
The Zionist criminal minds are at it once again, attempting to purge all guns from the hands of the American public. Thus, they paid off yet another set of pro-Zionist moles, who have attempted to set into motion the basis for gun control confiscation schemes.
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