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  1. Fantastic someone else who cares about standing up so our children have a future because the harsh reality is that if we fail it will be the very downfall of mankind! We can start by creating a facto government and through the law of the land over though them and by our reclaimation of our sovereignty we through our current common law ouist out admiralty law for what it is fake and. Intrusive! which through the forth ammendments we can overturn with the knowledge that their arraignment sightings we can prove they knowingly committed treason! I still wonder how they sit and pass judgement knowing it’s voluntary compliance! And they have No more jurisdiction to try you than margret thatcher! Because they are nearly a subciderary of a corp. With the copy right name us.gov our republic was stolen in 1871 therefore we have for our own protection have to revive the republic by declaration of our sovereign independence land and title holders tjats why we own no land only sovereigns by law can own land reclaim your title! In god we trust to bring power to the richous!

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