Tunisia Terror Attack – Beach Massacre HOAX

UK Spy Posing as Journalist Proves Tunisian Terror Attack is a Hoax
UK journalist and author Cal Sarwar has proven through his words and actions that the attack by a lone gunman against Western tourists at a Tunisian beach resort is a hoax. He was there, he claims, on his own in the capacity as a sort of researcher. In this regard it is said:

Cal Sarwar flew back to Glasgow 48 hours after the beach massacre. He had been in Sousse researching a book on Islamic terrorism in Africa.

He just happened to be there, sure he did, right where the purported terrorist attack occurred. Regardless, why doesn’t he research a book on Zionist terrorism? The Zionists essentially invented the word, when they were deemed the original terrorists by the 1940s-era British army.
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2 Responses to Tunisia Terror Attack – Beach Massacre HOAX

  1. jimbob says:

    Somthing that really makes laugh tho, is that some guy thinks hes a hero because he shielded his gal, he got shot and she got away!

    Now, considering that it was an AK47, extremely high powered rifle, the huge bullets would have gone thru him like a knife thru butter and hit her behind him!

    Can you believe that people actually believe this shit?!

    Yeah real hero, made of iron he is!! Nice one fella


  2. jimbob says:

    Why does this shit go on? How can people believe this . Why is no government in the world asking questions about this, all the news agencies in the world, how can so many people get sucked into this bullshit?

    Im convinced this was fake, i just have one question above all…

    The fake victims that died from the U.K, the survivors, also, the guy that supposedly jumped in front of his woman and took multiple shots to save her life, were they paid? Were they really involved in somthing?

    Its been said they returned to the U.K, people must know these survivors, they’re families, they’re neighbours, employers, friends etc.

    How could they keep the lie hidden? The survivors that lost sombody, what about them? If these victims were fake, people will know about it!

    Dont keep this lie for anyone!! Now is the time to come forward!

    People deserve to know the truth…

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