Transvestigation – Rapper Cardi B is a Man EXPOSED!

Real women’s body’s go through so many changes throughout the months. I know I did… Your face changes, might swell a bit, lips, nose, cheeks as well as your ankles, feet and breasts swell too along with your belly having stretch marks. A darkened line from your belly button down to your pelvis, hands get swollen along with toes for some too, but they come out with a six pack within days of giving birth. Wow they don’t put much effort into even trying to make it look real…
-Jenny B

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One Response to Transvestigation – Rapper Cardi B is a Man EXPOSED!

  1. Detective says:

    Interesting peacock tattoo – a symbol of homosexuality. Very often used by trans and gay men as a symbol of confidence and male beauty. “She” does have a suspicious face (strong features, big hands, a heavy brow and massive nose) and considering the sick agendas of the NWO today, it makes a lot of sense. Bam! Wake your ass up.

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