Transvestigation – Kate Silverton is a Man EXPOSED!

Next to a hunky, broad shouldered, large skulled “woman” like that a normal woman looks like a little girl. People are used to seeing these larger than life trannies in the media and politics and the population accept this paradigm for a grown up, strong, successful woman which makes it even harder for a feminine or a bit petite looking woman to be taken seriously.

They all seem to have all the key points you keep mentioning, the broad shoulders, the huge male chin. This one’s thighs gave it away. Is it normal to be in a state of shock every time I see this, because naturally I think I was conditioned to not even question whether or not these people were males? Real women are tiny compared to these FTMs. A dead giveaway is these women have NO asses, they look really weird. There’s no rounded plump, it’s this weird looking pushed out curve. Girls look so much different. Girls arms look way different, usually very slender, small chests, these people’s chests are fucking gigantic. So much information in plain sight, for all to see. But no one questions it.
-Something is happening here but you don’t know what

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