Transvestigation – Holly Willoughby is a Man EXPOSED! ft. Fearne Cotton

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No matter what these men try to do to make themselves look feminine, they never can change that male look in their deep-set eyes and the male vibe when you look at them. Added to that, the long arms, broad shoulders and square jaw. I have studied so many mtf trannies now that when I see a photo or video in the news or online, my trannie radar goes off instantly. I very strongly believe that almost 100% of Hellwood actors are trannies and now, sadly that percentage is increasing on our local TV and in the music industry. Soon they will be the majority and we will become the minority if we don’t stand up to this now. We have to fight for the future of our children, grandkids and their children before it’s too late!

She has that masculine voice too. Her body shape was usually paired with Fern Cotton who has the most boyish frame. I can see why she always put forth the illusion of having the definition of “curves” and what a voluptuous woman looks like. Fern Cotton has the same husky voice also, all the radio 1 female presenters have it especially Jo Whiley whose pictures speak for themselves.
-Honey Louise Chestnut

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3 Responses to Transvestigation – Holly Willoughby is a Man EXPOSED! ft. Fearne Cotton

  1. Anonymous says:

    Its obvious the disgusting inbred whore a man

  2. Anonymous says:

    That’s a great exposure, the adam’s apple surgery and explains why so many ‘women’ in American and British media, have this girly girly Minnie mouse voices. Yuk.

  3. serena says:

    It’s such an insult to wombmen, this ugly perversion but then their religions have one common indelible theme: misogyny and aversion to natural life. It spawns porn, prostitution, pederasty: their holy trinity.

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