The Dorner FAKE – Christopher Dorner Rampage was a Hoax – Proof in Records

Christopher Dorner was a decorated veteran and cop. Or so we were told. He embarked on a media-hyped vindictive rampage across Southern California, which ended when cops torched a remote cabin. Or, so we were told.

But is there a single shred of real evidence to back ANY of the story which reverberated in the media echo chamber for weeks? Or do the REAL records tell an entirely different story?

There is evidence that “Christopher J. Dorner” was a stolen identity, hijacked from a man who died in 2009. The probable purpose for this, was so that it could later be ‘disposed’ of in such a pre-planned event. This parallels closely the creation of diposable identities used in other fake events.

In the sequence of planned fake events of 2013, the Dorner Rampage fits in very nicely, with Dorner linking himself by “manifesto”, to other events now proven fake. The Navy Yard ‘shooting’ and Aaron Alexis, sharing madman manufactured personas of ex-military who “snapped”, are obvious compadres with Dorner as ‘one of our own gone crazy’ shooters. Dorner and “Trayvon Martin” (AKA California and Forida Congressional staffer Jahvaris Fulton) both also appear in juntos as part of Obama’s “Race War Stimulus Package.” [Dorner’s alias originates from near Chicago, so it may be worth checking whether a Dorner / Bill Ayers / Bernadine Dohrn / Obama connection, goes deeper still…]

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