Fake Orlando Shooting – Gun Control Propaganda

EVERYTHING ABOUT THE LATEST “ALLEGED” MASS MURDER SHOOTING IN ORLANDO, FLORIDA SUGGESTS IT’S ANOTHER STAGED FALSE FLAG HOAX Ever been on a movie set? The photo above in Orlando, Florida is exactly what a movie set looks like, with staged lighting I was thinking I’d check out the Pulse website and there is a comment from the owner, Sara Brady…when you google her it pops up with information on a Sarah Brady who is an advocate for gun control…hmmm This … Continue reading

Brussells Airport Bombing Staged Psyop

We’ve seen a lot of images from the Brussels Airport Event. Let’s start nailing down where these images came from. Brussels Airport Map 1: http://www.brusselsairport.be/en/cf/r… Brussels Airport Map 2: http://www.brusselsairport.be/en/cf/r… Nieuwsblad Photos: http://www.nieuwsblad.be/cnt/dmf20160… Article Regarding Gate B Access: http://www.brusselsairport.be/en/pass… Lift The Veil: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_rH… Peekay Truth: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCuQi…   The Fake Wounded of the Brussels Hoax Terrorist Attack A major attempt has been made to cause the Brussels ‘terrorist attack’ to appear real. Yet, this failed, because it is obviously fake: impossible … Continue reading