Stockholm Truck Attack Hoax

The truck that supposedly killed a few people in Stockholm without hardly hitting anything but a few pot plants ended up a real mess. It must have hit a brick wall and more and the end of its journey. But did it?… Well we are in total agreement it was not the runaway truck which knocked down the Street Light Pole on the corner where it was eventually stopped. It was a Lion which did it. But where did … Continue reading

Westminster London Terror Attack – Another Fake HOAX!

London was due for a fake terrorist attack. Not just that but we were due a supposed attack on a Parliament. Of course this was as lame as a duck with no one in Parliament close to being killed or injured. The reason is because they are the ones who created this event. If this ISIS shit was real and they really wanted to kill politicians they would have done that by now and really made a mess. I’m getting … Continue reading

Brussells Airport Bombing Staged Psyop

We’ve seen a lot of images from the Brussels Airport Event. Let’s start nailing down where these images came from. Brussels Airport Map 1:… Brussels Airport Map 2:… Nieuwsblad Photos:… Article Regarding Gate B Access:… Lift The Veil:… Peekay Truth:…   The Fake Wounded of the Brussels Hoax Terrorist Attack A major attempt has been made to cause the Brussels ‘terrorist attack’ to appear real. Yet, this failed, because it is obviously fake: impossible … Continue reading

Woolwich Beheading Hoax

A video that asks question about the Woolwich attack. Police station 2 streets away from the EVENT but suspects wait over half hour before running into car door. Staged to avoid firing blanks at police and being exposed? After crowds gathering for over 30 minutes, why did the filming stop before police arrived and nobody on the ground with a phone, video it? Why do I.T.V Show a clearly edited clip of suspect with bloody hands and cut out passer … Continue reading