Staged Paris False Flag Bomb Hoax

The Fake Dead and Wounded of the Paris France Terror Attack Hoax
Make no mistake about it the purported terror attack in France, including the supposed terrorist shooting at the Batcalan concert hall, is a terminally corrupt hoax. It is neither a false flag attack nor a real, spontaneous event. These are complete misrepresentations. No one is in shock to any degree. People are moving slowly. Others are milling around. No one is in obvious pain. There are no raw gunshot wounds from an AK-47 to be found. There are also no bombast victims. No one is suffering from burnt, shredded flesh and/or amputations. Then, how could this be a real event represented by the detonation of suicide vests, the pumping of people full of live ammunition, and/or the shooting at point=-blank range with powerful long-guns?
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Paris Attacks – Staged Bombing Shooting Hoax For Syrian Invasion Exposed!
Some people simply do not get it… Just after I posted my last article stating in the easiest way possible that this “Paris Attack” was indeed a false flag attack and the real agenda was to again get the invasion of Syria going, I came under attack from some trolls who attempted to flood my comment section with complete and utter bullcrap…. I of course have deleted all of their comments and have refused to post them… Obviously I hit a nerve and am very close to the real truth otherwise there would have been no need to put me in their bulls eye!
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  1. Anonymous says:

    ” No one is suffering from burnt, shredded flesh and/or amputations.”
    why do you expect these?

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