Slaughterhouse – The Task Of Blood

The full very powerful documentary: Slaughterhouse The Task Of Blood.

[Somebody once said that if slaughterhouses had glass walls everyone would be a vegetarian. Slaughterhouse – The Task of Blood is that glass wall, filmed in a small, family-run abattoir in Oldham, Greater Manchester]

The vast majority of people in Britain eat meat but have little knowledge of how that meat ends up on their table. In a powerful observational documentary, Slaughterhouse: The Task of Blood reveals the day-to-day workings of a small, family-run abattoir and attempts to get inside the minds of the people who work there. It’s a hidden part of British life, but the reality is that thousands of animals are slaughtered every day in abattoirs. This film shows the process of meat production as animals are killed, butchered and stored in fridges before being transported to retail outlets. It reveals the attitudes of the workers to their task, their colleagues and life. Slaughterhouse: The Task Of Blood is produced by BAFTA award winning film-maker, Brian Hill.

FACT: In 1994, Keith Mann was sentenced to 14 years in prison for, amongst other things, causing damage to the abattoir in this film.

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  1. Alex Lopez says:

    Theres no eaisier way to kill an animal. So if your eyes can not handle this. Stop sheltering yourself. Regulations on how they treat the animals should be set but how to kill them? Well how can you kill an animal the quickest is the quiestion. Ive always slit the throuht or stab the heart depending on the animal. But its a raw truth. Here in the states people shelter their eyes from the truth that or presidential candidates was a joke. But people insist on hiding themselves from the truth. People need to grow a back bone and realize this is how its done and its been that way for many years. If they dont want to do the dirty work and have sone one else do it so be it but stop bitching and whinning like little girls and grow up. The world isnt lollipops and rainbos. Its cruel so you live with it and handle yourself like an adult. Thank you

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