Charlie Hebdo – Paris Shooting Hoax

First part of a rough draft of a little documentary I’m making about the Charlie Hebdo massacre hoax. There’s very serious doubt’s as to whether this even took place as it has been reported in the mainstream media. The wool is being pulled over the eyes of the world, and nobody wants to ask the difficult question of is it possible that we’re being lied to? That’s all, Is it possible? Is it POSSIBLE? If you think about it, you’ll find that it is POSSIBLE, so the question then becomes, well are they telling us the truth, or are they lying? Only YOU can work that out unfortunately, truth can never be told, it can only be discovered.

Charlie Hebdo – Sky News Reporter Says Blood Has Been Put There 2015

Watch this with an open mind, but not so open that your brain falls out and you forget to check out the OFFICIAL mainstream BBC, CNN & SKY TV version of events, then and only then make up your mind after hearing both sides of the story. As the old saying goes, there’s two sides to every story, so make sure you know both sides.

The “Charlie Hebdo” Paris Attack of 2015 is already beginning to show all the signs of another fake, staged attack for war propaganda.

Here are some of the initial investigations demonstrating that the whole Paris ‘Jihad’ event was staged, street theater.

False flag attacks are becoming the new default standard for beginning any war. This time, the target is almost certainly Syria – one of the last nations not indebted to global banks.

Paris Paramedics More Interested in Cameraman Than Wounded Officer – FAKE CPR


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