Our Fake CGI Sun – NASA

Live feed sun footage is actually animation. Most people never realize this, so now we have tons of proof that all full sun lit pictures of the globe earth is fake. Now we have ample evidence that sun feed footage is fake as well! Be on the lookout for a future video where we will discuss how all pictures of space and planets are fake as well You cannot trust any images from NASA. NASA is providing you with false images to brain wash you.

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One Response to Our Fake CGI Sun – NASA

  1. Serena says:

    From the 2nd vid. it’s clearly predictive programming to: justify chemtrails in blocking the ‘harmful’ rays of our sun and prepare us for any planned take down of the electrical grid, which will herald the complete takeover of 5G/A1. They’ve run their scams for too long, they’re laughable.

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