Ottawa Shooting False Flag

Massive evidence is being exposed now by the alternative media that the Ottawa shooting was a false flag of some type. If the soldier did die then I’m very sorry that this happened and I pray for the family. But we must keep digging on what exactly happened here. Was this allowed to happen through the use of a mind controlled individual? Was it totally staged like Sandy Hook? I don’t have all the answers but I’m very suspicious at how they are using this event to push for more spying in Canada right now and you can be sure they will follow that up with more gun control. They are also beginning to talk about individuals with “radical thoughts” so you know where this is going. They will want to demonize anybody that disagrees with the lies of the media or the government criminals.

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One Response to Ottawa Shooting False Flag

  1. CJ says:

    Sandy Hook “investigator” William Podgorski was former DHS, posing as CT State Police. Podgorski didn’t “die from sudden undisclosed illness.” He got reassigned under a new name — by DHS — when folks began asking too many questions about Sandy Hook.
    Since Podgorski was the Trooper in charge of the Western District of CT, he was the lead (Newtown shooting) investigator with oversight of the CT Crime Lab. Since ZERO evidence existed from the (fake) Sandy Hook massacre, all the Police/FBI reports were fabricated, based on planted evidence.
    THAT is why the Federal Government needed to vanish (relocate) William Podgorski in a hurry — because they couldn’t allow him to be dragged into court to testify.
    Ask LT VANCE (next to get Disappeared by DHS):
    AR-15 WASN’T used at Sandy Hook. Newtown “shooting” was a Gun Grab hoax — to trick America into disarming. LT Vance didn’t mention that Sandy hook was FAKE during his Sandy Hook press conference:

    Police Evidence photos show a gun-range target stamped “FBI USE” in Nancy Lanza’s basement:
    Everyone knows Sandy Hook shooting was a Hoax (to ban AR15 rifles) but LT VANCE keeps lying and pretending it was real.
    Forensic Proof that Adam Lanza’s AR15 DIDN’T blow out the window at Sandy Hook Elementary:


    At Boston Hoaxathon, JEFF BAUMAN does “crunches” like he’s at the gym. Holding his head off the ground like that is difficult even if you’re laying by the swimming pool. Yet we’re supposed to believe he maintains these difficult positions after getting both legs blown off.

    They needed his face/head “up” and visible because they were shooting the scene for the cover of TIME and NEWSWEEK. They told “Jeff Bauman” to make sure his face was visible — and they told everyone ELSE “when the bomb goes off, don’t block our shot of Jeff Bauman until we tell you it’s OK to approach him, because if you approach him the photographers will only get pictures of your rear end, spoiling the shot.”

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