Oregon School Shooting Psyop – Hoax Exposed

Oregon School Shooting Is A Fraud: RedsilverJ Video Shows Clear Evidence Of Another Fake Shooting, And Other Evidence Of The Fraud
OK, just the other day the Jew spew news turned from its attacks on Russia for the Russian Federation taking action against the American fraud known as “ISIS” to turn its attention to a brand spanking new “shooting” in Oregon….. I was alerted to this “shooting” yesterday morning and indeed have been following all the reports coming from the liars in our media, and of course from reports coming through the alternative media as well… From the very beginning of this latest “shooting” I smelled a rat, and lo and behold after looking over so much data, I am firmly believing this to be an absolute 100% bona fide hoax….
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Oregon High School Shooting is a Complete Fake (2014)
What an absolute fake it is, fake beyond fake – the Oregon high school shooting hoax. In fact, it is so fake that a single picture alone proves the hoax. Here is some of the standard story lines, as found in gossip blogs like the DailyMail and Hollywood Life: At least 1 student is confirmed dead after student carrying a semi-automatic weapon and dressed in all-black opened fire inside Reynolds High School in Troutdale, Oregon. Multiple injuries are reported, and one witness claims they saw a teacher covered in blood.
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