NASA Space Shuttle Hoax Missions

The Space Shuttle Program
For all of 42 years, NASA has been telling us that this ridiculous piece of ‘engineering’ went to the moon and back. Most people on this planet have bought this excruciatingly silly and outrageous lie – uncritically accepting it at face value. And they did all this with FAKE IMAGERY – I hope we can all agree with this. My point here should be clear: as we now take a due, critical look at the Space Shuttle program, let’s keep in mind that we are dealing with a sorry gang of shameless, manic-compulsive liars. And since they faked the moon landing AND 9/11 with counterfeit imagery (as demonstrated by September Clues) – are we to be blamed now for verifying whether they might have kept staging further ‘Hollywood’ deceptions?
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NASA faked Shuttle missions !!

The Space Shuttle missions are a fraud perpetrated on the American public as part of a conspiracy by NASA and a shady group of Hollywood moviemakers. This is the claim of Nevada-based UFO author and militia leader William H Carpenter. In a forthcoming book, Space: the phony frontier, he lays out his evidence for what he calls “history’s greatest con-trick”. It is, he says, nothing more than a way of funneling tax money to California’s super-rich film directors.
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