Manchester Bombing False Flag Another Hoax In The UK

In all these staged events they only show you what they want you to see. Nothing is any different for the Manchester Fake Bomb Event. When they want you to see something it is always High Quality. When they don’t want you to see it, but want you to imagine it’s real, they show you garbage through a potato.

The entire war on terror is a fraud. Why would this ‘attack’ be any different? Here’s the proof we are being lied to!

The Police State is on Everyone’s doorstep and you know what? The world deserves it. Too blind to see they are being screwed up the arse by their own governments with all these staged terror events that even a blind man could see are fake.

People will be begging for security but all that will happen is they will receive fake security in exchange for whatever freedoms they have left.

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