London Bridge Terror Stabbing Hoax Event

Here you can see Freemasons getting changed to play there role as police officers in another disgusting hoax against humanity. These parasites need to be arrested and locked up for treason!

This really is becoming a joke now, do people seriously believe this rubbish? Look at how the armed forces sworn to protect us are instead now terrorizing us in search of an invisible terror threat. 

How does Daily Mail have all the news and images when the event has only just happened? Doesn’t matter where around the world there is an event they are there on the spot. This isn’t a coincidence. Surely they must have prior knowledge!

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One Response to London Bridge Terror Stabbing Hoax Event

  1. bobby90247 says:

    Just another HOAX…duh! For some of us, “we” can see through the obvious and NOT be alarmed by these incidents. However, for the vast majority of the World which are STILL asleep, this is one more “tragic” event that they think should be controlled even more by the elite’s. Unfortunately, it doesn’t matter how smart or how rich a person is, “IF” they have been indoctrinated properly, then they “BUY” into these HOAX’s. As a matter-of-fact, the MORE educated one is, the more programmed their individual thinking is into believing that which isn’t true!!!

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