ISS Hoax – The International Space Station Does Not Exist!

Source: Learn of the Jesuit Order

So, in this video we can clearly see a number of problems with the so-called International Space Station. One big issue I have is that there is no evidence of this monstrosity going up into space at all which is weird considering it’s supposed to be one of the greatest achievement’s mankind has ever accomplished!

Why is there so much crap covering the walls of the ISS? I mean it literally looks like they just stuck a load of old retro looking technology at random all over the walls. What a great way to blind your common-sense observation from just how stupid what you are looking at really is. The first thing you would probably notice with the female astronots without all that rubbish around them is how funny their lame attempt at zero-g hair is.

ALL astronauts belong to secret societies! I say this because one of the first things people usually come out with is ‘so many people would have to be involved’ and yes that’s right. Many people still have no idea that there are many secret societies carrying out various deceptions around the world today and a quick search online will show you endless streams of information on the topic.

Their tricks will have significantly improved, especially when you look at films like ‘Gravity’. It will only be a matter of time before they reveal just how far deep learning AI CGI technology has come. Computer generated imagery capable of rendering real-time environments, that for the most part will be indistinguishable from reality in the not too distant future.


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11 Responses to ISS Hoax – The International Space Station Does Not Exist!

  1. MJN says:

    I’m looking for a video I saw that was about the danger of any free floating water inside space structures can anyone link me?

  2. All manned space flight is fake. Also all nuclear weapons are fake. See the website heiwaco.tripod

  3. Outer Space is not a real place. Some 50 years after the television showed men walk on a Moon set, we still can’t wait on a line to take a rocket ride to a low earth orbiting Howard Johnson’s motel.

  4. Wesly says:

    It will never end, the lies, to get $ from us working folks. Stop watching and getting ur kids involved in any NASA field trips. Get kids home to school them and boycott the entire stinking system.

  5. Sven says:

    Greenscreen Zero G Flights + Editing; Augmented Virtual Reality contact lenses to manipulate virtual objects in 3d space, wires, greenscreen POOL diving, models, cgi and LOTS of HAIRSPRAY = ISS.

    How did they do the phone call on the moon in 1969 with zero sound delay @ 230k+ miles…yet in 2017 Trump has a 3 second + delay when talking to low earth orbit ISS? 0/10 logic

  6. Hal says:

    I doubt ISS is real…as all of NASA’s missions. I just wonder where the money goes and what they are really building? Probably weapons, stealth, tanks etc. to invade innocent nations and make it false flag.

  7. Dipshyt says:

    Great documentary, i dont understand how we fell for this massive lie in the first place? There is nothing beyond the skys and the earth is flat.

  8. China’s ‘spaceflight’ fakes are deplorable, but nonetheless a continuation of NASA’s fakery…

  9. Garry hanford says:

    NASA , never a straight answer. I believe it is set in Area 51 and 52. They could probably get away with it years ago, but not today with today’s technology. They were advised to reveal the truth by the friendly aliens, but they refused. If they told the people that they embezzled billions of dollars out of the people, there would be civil war. No wonder they are building bunkers underground.

  10. thomazb says:

    The spacestation (or what it is) is up there for sure, but whats going on inside is unknown? It’s the same old NASA trick… A big project financed through the government payed by the tax payers. Make most of the story in a studio to keep the budget down, and move most of the money to black budgets. It’s all a mix of real and staged recordings, just like the moon landing, and i guess mars to!?

    Same old trick… Do i have to mention who owns hollywood??

  11. Anonymous says:

    Im sick of seeing that bitch with the frozen perm.

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