ISIS – Fake Burning of Jordanian

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Here We Go Again With More Fraud ISIS Bullshit: Jordanian Pilot “Burned To Death” In Latest Video Brought To You By Jewish Run SITE Group!
I wondered when the criminals behind the very fraudulent “ISIS” or “Daesh” or “ISIL” or what ever phoney name they will come up with next, would try something new when it comes to killing their supposed hostages… We saw countless videos produced by that Rita Katz run SITE group where the “ISIS” victims were “beheaded” and each one has proven to be disgustingly laughable frauds…  Only very gullible and very stupid people would ever believe them to be real! Failing miserably with the “beheading” scam videos, the Jewish run SITE group definitely had to try something new and more terrible to again scare the gullible masses, and now they have indeed tried a more sinister approach… For according to the following report from the Jew spew New York Times website, at, the phoney and laughable CIA/Mossad “ISIS” group just went and produced a brand spanking new (SITE produced of course) video where they  killed their Jordanian Pilot that they have supposedly held hostage for the last few weeks, by burning him to death!
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