Grenfell Lies Nobody Died – Crisis Actor Fails

Staged (!!!) London Grenfell Tower fire! + occult significance
Just as “predicted” by the Economist (Rothschild) cover of “World in 2017” we have a major Tower event.
The Tower card was actually played a couple of times already since the release of “The World in 2017”: 1st time with the Berlin truck terror hoax (took place right in front of a Protestant Tower landmark), then we had the media story about witches worldwide using the Tower card to bring down Trump (Tower), and now a proper Tower event with all the flames and all. And as with all of these events we have an hegelian dialectic taking place (left/right, immigration/no immigration, poor/rich, etc)
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Peaky Saku & DJ Isla – Agent Crisis Actors


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  1. bobby90247 says:

    99.99% of all “crisis” events are straight-up…HOAXES!!!

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