Flat Earth: “Ice Shelves” and “Ice Bergs” DO NOT EXIST

If icecubes melt in water then why not giant ones? A particularly silly concept which they got past us as kids using their “Titanic” psyop bullshit story.

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One Response to Flat Earth: “Ice Shelves” and “Ice Bergs” DO NOT EXIST

  1. Joy Williams says:

    volcanoes do not spew out mutated chemicals like plastics, as we do. We have created an island of plastic garbage in the Pacific ocean. How proud of that should we be, bobby? who will clean that up? plastics do not ever biodegrade, so the earth does not know what to do with them. who made atomic weapons that have killed life for eons? we did! How about the chemicals in spray cans, paints, industry, chemtrails, drugs that now are in the water supply? Oh, and we have been here waaay longer than 5000 years. Past societies found out the hard way not to mess up the planet by going too far. You may not be totally wrong, but you are definitely not totally correct either.

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