Fake ISIS Beheading Hoaxes

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Fake ISIS beheadings are the latest technique

that the psychopathic ruling elite – power-crazed and unable to feel empathy – are trying against the awakening masses. These controllers are very well versed in human psychology, and know how war-weary people have become. Thus, in order to garner enough public support in America, Britain and elsewhere for their planned WW3, they are not only resorting to fear (an age old tactic), but in addition to that, they are resorting to horror and revulsion. They are trying to be as gruesome as possible, so just in case the public are not quite scared enough by the new bogeyman ISIL/ISIS/IS, then they will be so emotionally disgusted with the fake ISIS beheadings that they will support a Western invasion of Syria and Iraq (again).

It’s trauma based mind control – but for mass public consumption. Like the JFK assassination and the 9/11 false flag operation, it’s orchestrated horror to psychologically disrupt people’s sense of the inherent kind nature of humanity.

Nice technique … from an evil genius point of view. Problem is, I’m not buying it, and many people aren’t either. These productions are just too fake! None of them have the actual alleged moment of killing. They all just fade to black at that point. Why would ISIS, renowned for its brutality and with videos elsewhere of its agents doing real beheading, suddenly stop short and censor themselves on these ones? Answer: they wouldn’t, and they didn’t, because the whole thing is faked.

Fake ISIS Beheading #1: James Foley

There are many giveaways about this one, showing that is definitely a fake ISIS beheading. Consider that:

The pattern continues for the next one …

Fake ISIS Beheading #2: Steven Sotloff

As with the fake Foley beheading, evidence shows this is fake:

  • Sotloff is dead calm and emotionless before his supposed execution;
  • There is absolutely nothing in the background apart from sand and blueness;
  • Why is the video so polished?
  • Why did his supposed mother give this bizarre plea?
  • The Israeli organization SITE (Search for International Terrorist Entities) were the first to come up with the video (as their co-founder Rita Katz let slip)! How? Because they produced it! Isn’t it funny how secret Israel organizations seem to always be behind the constant Islamophobia we see in the West?

Fake ISIS Beheading #3: David Haines

Another one, this time with an Englishman. How many more fake ISIS beheadings await us?

  • Haines, again, is unbelievably calm and devoid of emotion for someone about to be beheaded;
  • Like Sotloff, there is absolutely nothing in the background apart from sand and blueness;
  • The video from SITE again;
  • The video uses the “cliff effect” to trick people.

Playing the Public Like a Fiddle

This is a psychological operation to induce the public into supporting yet another invasion in multiple countries. Are people going to fall for it?


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