Evidence Exploring our Local Circle of Sight – Proof Airplanes Fly Low and Slow

This video shows you the evidence I’ve compiled about there being a plasma type layer in the sky 2-4,000ft where chemtrail planes and certain cloud formations are produced. The atmosphere could all be local layers that are no more than a mile thick for each. we’re being hoaxed through out our life about the sky. Technological Instruments are all hoaxing us. I know it sounds crazy but it’s the truth.

Passenger airplanes are not flying as high as everyone thinks they are. All you have to do is zoom any and all planes that go by you and then start to put all the picture pieces together. Outside of Boston 20 miles I have passenger planes flying no more than 5,000ft high and going no more than 100mph. This is what it looks like and I have some really good proof in this video that I am speaking the truth. Passengers on the planes must be flying 1 mile and they must feel as though they are 3miles high. Everything from any elevation seems higher to our senses.

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