The DNA Cell Hoax – Are you made of Caduceus symbols and Stars of David?

All of the stories surrounding DNA, whether the flawed experiment to prove that it carried genetic information, or the Polymerase Chain Reaction hoax, show DNA to be the scam that it is.

When you isolate ‘DNA’ from strawberries, you are actually removing the white pith

Think of it this way, the purpose of fruit is to spread seeds. The strawberry flesh does not contain DNA, the DNA is contained within the seeds. Expecting to find DNA in the strawbery flesh is like expecting to find DNA in watermelon flesh instead of the seeds. The genetic material (if it exists) is clearly contained in the seeds…

When you isolate DNA from cheek cells, you are actually isolating bacteria/fungus in our saliva.

Genetic science is filled with implausible ‘facts’ and information that defies all logic.

How is it possible that 80% of DNA is junk? Is this meant to be some kind of sick joke? So we have the most important bio-molecule in the world, the blueprint for life no less, yet almost all of it is essentially a waste of space?

Is 80% of my skeleton junk? Could I remove 80% of my liver, lungs or colon, and experience no change in function whatsoever? NO!

So why would it be any different with DNA?

As seen here scientists who sequence DNA are simply looking at software, they don’t observe the reactions in real time, but read numbers off a screen.

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Nobody has seen DNA, you are just being lied to about everything and you can’t help yourself but to believe them because if you don’t… Then what?

Maybe the powers that be tried to convince us that we are made of the material so that we see ourselves as nothing but part of the material scenery they prescribe. Instead maybe we are those made of spiritual matter that can ultimately decide and create the reality we want to live in. Giving us a real chance at freedom of expression, love, compassion, empathy and the ability to live out our own destinies, adventures and lives.

No fate, but what we make.




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