California Borderline Bar & Grill Fake Shooting Hoax

Active Shooter Drill
Borderline Bar & Grill
Thousand Oaks, California

Just Image being surrounded by Police, Firemen, EMT, Doctors, and Nurses when the next Live Active Shooter Drill unfolds at your local Bar and Grill. You may be surrounded in Chaos, but don’t worry the Shield will protect you from the Shots Ringing Out.

Pop, Pop, Pop you could be the next Live Action Crisis Actor, so try and remember some basic rules Run, Hide, Fight, and if the Shooter sees you Up, Get Down, and if the Shooter stops to Reload, then Run because you don’t want to get Dropped.

So if you Survive the Mayhem inside then remember a few things for when you are outside: Hands Up Don’t Shoot for the News Cameras, don’t screw up your lines to badly, and stop laughing because this could have been life or death, Oh and don’t forget… “You saw it on the News so it has to be Real.”

California Borderline Hoax #22

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