Bill Nye The Science Guy EXPOSED!

This video might help you on your search for truth. Bill Nye the Science Guy was a character for a TV comedy sketch show called Almost LIVE! He was picked up by our typical NASA hustlers as a REAL PERSON, A REAL SCIENTIST! It was a skit like Pee Wee Herman or Wayne’s World. He is now used by the Government to push American lies and to help major corporations be trusted. Bill Nye is a FUNNY GUY not a SCIENCE GUY. See Chelsea drill him on GMO at the end of this video.

Don’t believe me, just search 1989 or 1990 Bill Nye Almost Live and you will find the connection.

Modern “theories” suggesting the Earth is flat are ignorant of basic experiential data, historical scientific findings, and how technologies like smartphone functions, says Bill Nye the Science Guy.

All the arguments that Bill uses as proof that the earth is a sphere in this video are easily debunked.

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