BBC – TV Licensing is a Fraudulent Scam

Up until the last few years I was a big fan of BBC programming and would invest at least a few hours every day watching programmes like Eastenders, Top of the Pops, Only Fools & Horses, Question Time, Newsnight, Panorama, etc. But these days I cannot bring myself to watch any BBC programmes at all. Even watching just five minutes worth makes me feel dirty. It’s not the quality of the programming that’s at issue, it’s the fact that the BBC is such a repulsive propaganda machine that seems to pay no attention to the concerns of the very people who are funding them.

The BBC has had it too good for too long. One of the major problems posed by the BBC is their lack of accountability to the very people who pay their wages — us. The BBC is never far away from controversy but nothing ever seems to change and no one in their corporation ever seems to be worser off as a result of their wrongdoing. Imagine for a moment that it was a completely different media company we were talking about, and not the BBC. For argument’s sake, let’s say it was ITV or Sky. What would happen is that the viewers would refuse to watch that TV station any longer and/or they would cancel their subscriptions. And if enough people did this, the company would go bankrupt very quickly. That’s because these company’s are directly accountable to their viewers who pay their wages via subscriptions or from watching the adverts. However, the BBC does not afford us this luxury to the people who fund them. It doesn’t matter how many people stop watching BBC programmes because the BBC will continue to receive £3.4 billion a year from our pockets. Therefore the BBC has no financial impetus to even want to change what they do. Even if a million people suddenly stopped watching the BBC, it wouldn’t make the slightest bit of difference to the BBC’s annual turnover, which means that they can continue to anger people as much as they want without any fear of redundancies, pay cuts or the company going bust through lack of consumer confidence in their products. Therefore we only have one real option available to us and that’s to cancel our TV Licence.

How to Turn The tables on BBC TV Licence Goons

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ABOUT THE TV LICENCE: Although they rarely use violence, the BBC effectively operates an extortion racket targeted at every household in the UK. Their method of operation is very simple but has worked successfully in the UK for over 60 years. They rely solely on the inducement of fear. They use a company called Capita to send out threatening letters to UK addresses that do not have a TV Licence. These letters state that their records show that the address doesn’t have a TV License and that failure to buy a TV License will result in a £1,000 fine. If after several attempts this fails to worry the occupier into purchasing a TV License, they then send a “TV License Inspector” from their “Enforcement Team” to your address to scare you into compliance and/or to obtain information from you – such as your name and your admission that you are receiving live TV broadcasts on the premises. Once they have this, they can then threaten you with imminent court action.

If they fail to get any compliance from you at all, then they’ll continue to send out threatening letters and a “TV License Inspector” will be sent out periodically to remind you of what could happen if you don’t buy a TV License. Regardless of whether you have a TV, this will continue until you agree to pay up for a TV License. Once the occupier has paid up, the TV License Inspector receives their commission and the doorstep harassment and threatening letters stop for 12 months. After the 12 months has elapsed, the threatening letters and the doorstep harassment starts again.

This extortion process has kept the BBC in business for the last 60 years and has yielded over £3 billion a year, which is far in excess of what a broadcasting company like Sky survives on through advertising and subscription revenue. The only people who profit from this immoral enterprise are the establishment who benefit from the propaganda that the BBC puts out, and also the greedy executives of the BBC and their enforcement companies who line their pockets with money extorted from the poor, the elderly, and the naïve.

Clearly, Capita’s purpose is to simply extort money from as many households as they can on an annual basis by sending goons out to non-licenced addresses to harass the occupants. If you don’t have a TV, they hope that by harassing you enough with threatening letters and home visits, you’ll be coerced into buying a Licence just to stop the harassment. But of course, what’s the point of having a TV licence if you don’t have a TV? So of course you’ll then buy a TV just to get your money’s worth. And as long as you’re watching TV, they can manage your perception of reality via the propaganda that pours out of it, especially from the BBC. So it’s a win-win situation for them.

But you can turn the tables on them, legally and lawfully… Here are some simple rules to follow when dealing with these people:


Never reply to any letters that they send to you. Never provide them with your name or any other personal info, never admit to anything, and never allow them into your home.

Make sure you have a video camera ready to film them when they come to your door. This will enable you to capture evidence of any intimidation or threats that they might try to use.

Make sure you hand them a copy of a “Removal of Implied Right of Access” notice. This will mean that they will be committing a criminal offence of “aggravated trespass” if they come to your door again in the future. Also, print out a copy of a “Fee Schedule” and have it ready to hand to them when they come to your door. This schedule will outline how much you will be charging them each time you are harassed or inconvenienced by them. This schedule has legal standing so you will be able to invoice them each time they send you a letter or visit your home. You can obtain the template letters from various sites, such as:

And finally, never be scared of these racketeers, as they prey on your fear. They have no rights whatsoever to enter your property and they will be trespassing if they continue to come to your door after you have removed their implied right of access. Even if they know that you have a TV, they cannot obtain a warrant to enter your home unless you have admitted that you are receiving live TV broadcasts and that you require a TV Licence. As long as you don’t provide them with any information, there is nothing they can do.

How to Turn The tables on BBC TV Licensing Goons

Make no mistake — the BBC will NOT like this video. It is high time that the BBC stood on it’s own feet instead of extorting £150 annually from every household in the UK. In this video we discuss some of the reasons why the BBC’s TV Licensing must be abolished.

The BBC would have you believe that TV Licence “evasion” is extremely low, and that 97% of us watch TV as it is being broadcast over the airwaves. Of course, this is typical BBC propaganda. The reality is that an unprecedented number of people are refusing to buy a TV Licence – simply because they don’t need one. We are moving into an age where people no longer feel the need to watch TV as it is being broadcast. The days when families would all gather around the TV every night are long gone Catch-up TV is fast becoming the norm and the BBC clearly don’t like it because a TV License is not required for watching catch-up TV on the internet. The consequence for the BBC is that their TV Licensing business model — IE: extorting money from UK households — is unsustainable in the 21st century. The whole thing has already become untenable and it is only a matter of time before the BBC comes crashing down due to the sheer number of people who no longer need a TV Licence.

The BBC is a profit-making corporation masquerading as an essential public service in order to obtain funds from the public purse. Long gone are the days when the BBC was a necessity for providing information, education and entertainment. The BBC seems to think it is still 1954. However the BBC is not as important today as it likes to think it is. There are now a multitude of ways to get information, education and entertainment in the home — including YouTube, Netflix, games consoles, and more TV and radio channels than you can shake a stick at. The BBC has become irrelevant and unnecessary in this day and age. The only way it can possibly continue in the 21st century is to abolish the TV Licence and fund itself through subscription, sales and advertising revenue. The BBC already makes around £2 billion a year from selling content worldwide so they’re well used to operating in the commercial arena. Until the BBC finally grows up, it will continue to operate as an extortion racket whilst wasting our money on lavish lifestyles, paedophile entertainers, executive pay-offs, and gagging orders for ex-employees. I am not a fan of any mainstream media, but at least other media companies, like Sky and ITV, have to survive in the real world – they have to raise their own funds in the marketplace, they are accountable when they get things wrong, and in times of recession they have to make cut-backs and downsize. Whereas the BBC survives on money extorted from the public, so it has no accountability whatsoever, plus their corporation is recession-proof because they continue to get the same amount of money regardless of the state of the economy.

In short, the BBC, in its current form, has had its day. The only way they can salvage any public trust or respectability is to grow up and stand on its own feet for once in its life. Maybe then we’ll see an end to their arrogance, snobbery and blatant disregard for public opinion. Or maybe not, but at least we won’t have to pay for it!

A big thank you to everyone who contributed to this video. 🙂

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22 Responses to BBC – TV Licensing is a Fraudulent Scam

  1. Anonymous says:

    You only need a licence if you watch Live events read their legislation. BTW legislation is not Law they are rules and codes they are deceiving people. The BBC is infested with paedophiles and needs to be closed down. It just spews government propaganda, if you want real news you have to watch Russian TV.

  2. Laura says:

    An interesting thing is the Colour versus B&W anomaly. the TV companies send out only one signal that our TV’s receive, they don’t send out separate Colour and B&W signals. Whether your set can convert that signal to a colour picture, or not, should be our choice. The TV licence is a licence to receive TV signals, which neatly negates the argument that we only watch ITV, or Sky etc.
    If you were to turn the colour down to the level of a B&W set you would still be required to buy a colour licence because your TV is colour enabled.
    If we must pay for a licence, it should be, say, £10.00 per year and whether we are colour or B&W should be irrelevant.

  3. Jane Willett says:

    Scrap it,let em stand on there own two feet,should be put to a vote,I rarely if ever watch the BBC but I am paying for it just because I have a tv in the house,all you get is repeat after repeat in the modern world there is no need for it,it’s basically there to pay the bosses exorbitant wages,I have sky ,my choice so paying over the odds,there must be a way that they can block you recieving it like sky does therefore it becomes your choice!

  4. whitenightf3 says:

    When the resistance becomes to great they will pretend they are going to scrap it and replace it with another unlawful and unconstitutional tax.
    It’s exactly the same with Council Tax people are waking up and know they are being fleeced by criminals who run the system for the Traitors and Paedophiles at Westminster.

    Roll on the Revolution so we can hang them all.

  5. chris says:

    We need a fully independent news service that gives us the facts to decide for our selves. without fear or favour. just the facts.

  6. whitenightf3 says:

    I prefer books those books the traitors in Parliament don’t want us reading. Those running the BBC are all paedophiles as are many of the politicians. Its allowed to happen because they can then be blackmailed to commit TREASON which they have done by taking us into the EU.

  7. Lee says:

    I havent paid tv liscence for nearly 4 yrs now and the money i save from it pays my broadband so i can watch what i want when i want. More people need to stop paying it

  8. annon says:

    We all shud refuse to pay it wat they going do jail us all screw u bbc

  9. harry ferguson says:

    Funding the rest of the world’s viewing!

  10. wiggy says:

    I agree, I totally resent paying the licence fee, it’s like I’m contributing to fund peadophilia!! Not a nice thought at all..also I would like to know what will happen to all those that are LLF (Legally Licence Free) later this year when we will ALL BE FORCED to pay the licence through council tax or similar to the system they have in Germany?

  11. Carol Lyon says:

    Anyone know ahere I stand as a landlady of a pub? I have a tv downstairs in the bar but its hardly ever on. My problem is that because its a business the front door is open so anyone can walk in and see the t.v.

  12. Anonymous says:

    i have said for a long time that the tv licence is nothing but a tax on the poor. i do not own a tv and they “inspect” my house twice a year but i will not pay a licence. all the comments above. you don’t need to pay any of the companies from your own pocket (thats what adverts are for) where is freedom of choice guys? all you cynics posting above, the bbc takes money if you use them or not, they are government backed extortionists – simple!

  13. 1337041071 says:

    Why allow BBC sock-puppets to post, the “Murdoch” this and that zealots are morons, he owns 3 UK newspapers while the BBC screw people for £3.7 BILLION a year and rising

  14. John Louch says:

    I don’t understand why I need a licence, I have Sky TV and they pay to show bbc shows so why should I have to pay the bbc. as well.It is the same as getting a bus into town, you pay the driver and he gives the money to whoever supplies the bus but doing it the bbc way it is like you would have to go and pay the bus company as well.

  15. ashleyj722 says:

    If the BBC are making more revenue than Sky. How come the BBC can’t afford the tv rights to show premiership games?

  16. Anonymous says:

    Tell them you have an apple tv. Don’t need 1

  17. Anonymous says:

    Waste of money telly is rubbish I only get basic channels an then they are repeats so I’m not paying for something I’ve seen before it should be scrapped as the bbc have covered up loads of corruption

  18. Anonymous says:

    If you don’t want to fund the BBC don’t watch live tv simple really? Only trouble is I have had no TV (or any other equipment for watching live tv) for at least 15 years, I don’t watch catch up either and STILL they bug me every so often to fill in their forms, phone them and/or talk to their agents.
    I’m sick of repeating myself so now i just ignore their mails and while I don’t want to be rude to their agents they are not getting in my house either.

  19. Joe says:

    A video camera to film the goons? Let me WARN them that I have weapons which would end their garbage existence instantly, & plenty of places I know of where they’d NEVER be found. So when these parasites go out on their rounds they’ll be “playing Russian roulette “. And when they finally reach ME, it’ll be “lose-lose” for them. BRING IT ON.

  20. Tom Taylor says:

    They should get their Reithian heads from up their Reithian arses, move into the 21st century and START ADVERTISING. The public were not consulted about the digital switch over: even in urban areas many people still cannot get an adequate Freeview signal- why should I pay for a licence for a picture that keeps pixellating and descending into quacking noises every time a large vehicle goes by? Why should I pay over the odds to a cable or satellite company for the few hours a week that I watch? (Nearly all of it on UKTV channels) Now they want people over 75 to start paying. Disgusting.

  21. Anonymous says:

    They should scrap the tv licence its just to expensive and there,s nothing any good worth watching all repeats its a con.

  22. Anonymous says:

    Haha Sponsored by Rupert Murdoch! Keep fighting his battles while he concentrates on exploiting oil in occupied Syria and manipulating election results!

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