Astronauts Gone Wild: An Investigation into the Authenticity of the Moon Landings

Bart Sibrel, an award winning, yet controversial filmmaker, personally confronts eight Apollo astronauts with the newly discovered behind-the-scenes outtakes of fake photography which he presented for the first time to the entire world in “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon”. When Mr. Sibrel, for a second time, publicly exposed the astronaut’s criminal behavior to the entire world, this time in their presence, he was threatened with violence by one astronaut, physically assaulted by two other astronauts, and threatened to be assassinated by another astronaut . . . all on camera! . . . revealing also that these men are not the honorable “heroes” that they appear to be, rather they are a bunch or angry and violent criminals, reacting bitterly for having their evil deeds exposed.

When astronaut Buzz Aldrin was confronted with his guilt by Mr. Sibrel, who showed him the newly discovered unedited videotape of the fake photography from his mission on a nearby television monitor during the interview, Aldrin accidentally acknowledged the fraud on camera (thinking it was turned off) by declaring, “And this makes you a real famous person for having discovered all this . . . What an ego you must have to want to propel yourself like this.” (After all, how could Mr. Sibrel become famous if the videotape evidence was not genuine, his accusations had no evidence, and the declaration of fraud was merely ludicrous?) When Mr. Aldrin realized that his remark uttered in frustration proved his guilt, he quickly tried to change the subject and then threatened to sue Mr. Sibrel if he showed his admission of guilt publicly.

Mr. Sibrel offered astronaut Neil Armstrong five thousand dollars cash to donate to his favorite charity, if he would only take a few seconds to swear on a Bible that he actually walked on the moon. Very nervously, and surprisingly, Armstrong refused to bless a charity with a five second oath to what is supposed to be blatantly obvious.

Astronaut Alan Bean accidentally acknowledged that he, in fact, never left earth orbit, by emphatically asserting that he never traveled through the “Van Allen Radiation Belts” (which are at 25,000 miles above standard earth orbit). When his hypocrisy was pointed out to him, he made a stumbling feeble attempt to recover his error though a series of more misspeakings.

“Peace Activist” astronaut Ed Mitchell, after violently assaulting Mr. Sibrel with a kick for exposing his lies, angrily threw the filmmaker out of his home, forgetting that the wireless microphone was still attached to himself. Sibrel also forgot to turn off the camera as he hastily departed, quickly throwing the camera in the back seat of his rental car as it still recorded the confidential audio from the wireless microphone still attached to astronaut Mitchell inside the “privacy” his home. When a transcript of the interview was made, the stenographer brought to Mr. Sibrel’s attention that after the interview concluded, astronaut Mitchell covertly discussed enlisting his friends at the CIA to have Sibrel assassinated. To this Mr. Sibrel jokingly said, “I don’t it’s fair that my taxes should have to pay for that!”

At the end of “Astronauts Gone Wild”, Sibrel showcases a short comedic film he created, inspired by astronaut Mitchell’s threat, in which the CIA chases and catches him for their devious purposes . . . hoping not to have given them too many ideas with his reenactment!

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