Tunisia Terror Attack – Beach Massacre HOAX

Tunisia Terror Attack Hoax

UK Spy Posing as Journalist Proves Tunisian Terror Attack is a Hoax UK journalist and author Cal Sarwar has proven through his words and actions that the attack by a lone gunman against Western tourists at a Tunisian beach resort is a hoax. He was there, he claims, on his … Continue reading

Flat Earth, Dark Rift, Dome, Myth, & Cataclysm

Flat Earth Dark Rift Dome Myth Cataclysm

If ´outer space´ doesn´t exist then the night sky is actually much closer and the stars much smaller. This means that when we look at myth and scripture regarding the Dark Rift from a Flat Earth viewpoint, we get startling dots to join-up a new way. Make of this information … Continue reading

Astronauts Gone Wild: An Investigation into the Authenticity of the Moon Landings

Astronauts Gone Wild An Investigation into the Authenticity of the Moon Landings

Bart Sibrel, an award winning, yet controversial filmmaker, personally confronts eight Apollo astronauts with the newly discovered behind-the-scenes outtakes of fake photography which he presented for the first time to the entire world in “A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Moon”. When Mr. Sibrel, for a second … Continue reading

Monsanto – The Most Evil Corporation in the World

Monsanto The Most Evil Corporation in the World

Monsanto’s Harvest of Fear Gary Rinehart clearly remembers the summer day in 2002 when the stranger walked in and issued his threat. Rinehart was behind the counter of the Square Deal, his “old-time country store,” as he calls it, on the fading town square of Eagleville, Missouri, a tiny farm … Continue reading

Light and Shadows Prove the Flat Earth

Light and Shadows Prove the Flat Earth

Sundials, moondials, the Midnight Sun, the great variety of daylight hours at different places/seasons, the nature of light and shadows all prove we are living on a flat motionless plane, not a spinning ball planet. For more proofs visit www.AtlanteanConspiracy.com and www.ifers.boards.net Flat Earth Introduction, Summary, and Speculative Theory www.waykiwayki.com

Geoengineering Exposed At California Jam 2015

Geoengineering Exposed At California Jam 2015

On March 27th and 28th of 2015, a major global awareness event was held in Southern California called “Cal Jam”. This gathering brought together several thousand concerned citizens from all arenas of the global community. Many that attended were from the medical and chiropractic professions, Cal Jam is the fastest … Continue reading

Anarchast Ep. 214 Eric Dubay: The Flat Earth Conspiracy!

Anarchast Ep 214 Eric Dubay The Flat Earth

Jeff interviews prominent expert on flat earth theory, Eric Dubay, topics include: flat earth theory, mass resistance to paradigm challenging ideas, an educated mind can entertain an idea without accepting it, people just accept what they are brought up with, the horizon proof, gravity does not exist, absolute relativity, circumnavigation, … Continue reading

The Dinosaur Hoax

The Dinosaur Hoax

The (non-religious) dinosaur hoax question Dinosaurs have, in recent years, become a media subject rivaling the space program in popularity and eliciting similar levels of public adoration towards its researchers and scientists. The science of dinosaurs and other prehistoric life is also directly linked to other controversial scientific topics such … Continue reading

Nuclear Hoax – Nukes Do Not Exist

Nuclear Hoax Nukes Do Not Exist

The following documentary explores the truth about nuclear energy and the surprisingly abundant evidence that nuclear weapons are a hoax. Many of the nuclear explosion videos we have all seen and presumed real are shown to be complete fakes using model trees, houses and cars exploding on a set. The … Continue reading