Evidence Exploring our Local Circle of Sight – Proof Airplanes Fly Low and Slow

 This video shows you the evidence I’ve compiled about there being a plasma type layer in the sky 2-4,000ft where chemtrail planes and certain cloud formations are produced. The atmosphere could all be local layers that are no more than a mile thick for each. we’re being hoaxed through out our life about the sky. Technological Instruments are all hoaxing us. I know it sounds crazy but it’s the truth. Passenger airplanes are not flying as high as everyone … Continue reading

Homosexual Blows Whistle on Hollywood “Freaks”

Source: www.henrymakow.com (“C’mon in! The water’s fine!”) Projecting light on powerful Hollywood freaks who have gender identity disorder & don’t have a clue who they are. “This is not a [gender] revolution  – it’s just a bunch of confused, depressed freaks trying to acquire the biggest megaphone so that everyone can be disturbed by their sickness. So they feel less lonely.” Makow comment:  We wouldn’t drink from a toilet but we continue to get our entertainment from people who want to make us sick.  … Continue reading

Michelle Obama is a Tranny Man

Shortly before Joan Rivers suspicious death, she remarks that Obama is gay and Michael is a transsexual. In this video, you will see that “Michelle” has the hands of a man, the shoulders of a man, the overall body proportions of a man, what looks like male genitalia, and, as an added bonus – an Adam’s Apple! For years, the White House staff, have all known, that Michelle Obama is in fact a man.

Luke Maguire – My Child’s Vaccine Reaction

This is my baby boy Bobby born 22/1/16 4 month later our world changed for the worst Bobby had his vaccines at 4 months instantly got poorly temp of 44 twitches full body but started. From injection site he was not the same baby. Within 3 weeks he started having seizures. 1 day we woke at 4 in the morning to see our little boy blue in the face struggling to breath and having a seizure it scared the life … Continue reading