Pornography: The Jewish Secret WMD

Pornography The Jewish Secret WMD

. . . by Rehmat Hom, On February 15, 2015, Chris Hedges posted a lengthy article entitled, Pornography Is What the End of the World Looks Like. In the article Hedges claims how porn humiliates women who are portrayed pleading to be physically abused. Hedges said: “Women in porn are packaged … Continue reading

Jewish Talmudic Quotes – Facts Are Facts

Jewish Talmudic Quotes Facts Are Facts

Source: Jewish Talmudic Quotes – Facts Are Facts From Acharya S 7-26-9 Talmudic Quotes The decisions of the Talmud are words of the living God. Jehovah himself asks the opinions of earthly rabbis when there are difficult affairs in heaven. Rabbi Menachen, Comments for the Fifth Book Jehovah himself … Continue reading

Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable with Eric Dubay

Ball Earth Skeptic Roundtable with Eric Dubay

In this roundtable discussion with John Le Bon and the Ball Earth Skeptics we cover topics ranging from shills in the flat Earth movement to astrotheology and kundalini awakening.

Charlie Veitch Exposed!

Charlie Veitch Exposed

Charlie Veitch and The Shill Police – Everything Isn’t Okay This week Charlie Veitch, deep under-cover agent for The Shill Police, in a highly implausible feat of mental gymnastics, has performed an advanced 180 double-cross psy-op flip-flop maneuver with a 9/11 wasn’t an inside job twist, leaving discerning on-lookers stunned … Continue reading

Matthew Boylan Exposes Himself as a Shill!

Matthew Boylan Exposes Himself as a Shill

Flat Earth Shill Wall of Shame Searching through Matt’s older videos on his channel it’s clear that such paranoid, aggressive, off-putting rants are part of his schtick and the “flat Earth” subject is more of an aside to his other performance pieces.  His YouTube “TheNASAChannel” is far less concerned with … Continue reading

Adolf Hitler vs The Jew World Order

Adolf Hitler vs The Jew World Order

They say “the winner’s write history,” it is absolutely true, and the most egregious example in modern times has to be the mainstream (mis)understanding of Adolf Hitler and pre-WWII Germany. Adolf Hitler was actually a vegetarian, animal-lover, an author, an artist, a political activist, economic reformer and nominated for a … Continue reading

Tunisia Terror Attack – Beach Massacre HOAX

Tunisia Terror Attack Hoax

UK Spy Posing as Journalist Proves Tunisian Terror Attack is a Hoax UK journalist and author Cal Sarwar has proven through his words and actions that the attack by a lone gunman against Western tourists at a Tunisian beach resort is a hoax. He was there, he claims, on his … Continue reading